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Pet Insurance Products

  • Petplan Pet Insurance

    Petplan pet insurance policies offer great value and flexibility without ever compromising coverage. Compare Petplan to other pet insurance providers and it’s easy to see why we’re the choice of veterinarians and pet parents around the world!

  • Discount Pet Supplies

    Our - powered pet supply store gives you access to thousands of products at the best prices available.

  • Embrace Pet Insurance

    The Embrace Pet Insurance approach to coverage means offering your pet nose-to-tail accident and illness protection for the unexpected plus the option of adding a wellness plan for everyday care.

  • VPI Pet Insurance

    More than three decades ago, a group of veterinarians banded together with one goal in mind: to help pets. These pioneers wanted to make sure pet owners everywhere could afford the best possible veterinary care for their pets, and VPI Pet Insurance was born.

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